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Happily After is the story of Tristan (Ross Marquand), a suave but quirky young writer who falls for recent divorcee and single mom Trisha Reynolds (Sharina Martin).

At first, their chemistry is instantaneous: charming, romantic Tristan sweeps bubbly, charismatic Trisha off her feet.

But when Trisha’s jealous ex-husband Matt (Jeff Garretson) enters the picture, Tristan finds himself in the middle of a twisted love triangle that turns his world upside-down after Trisha mysteriously goes missing.

Through a series of testimonies and flashbacks, we slowly learn the truth behind Tristan, Trisha and Matt’s relationships; and are forced to question everything we’ve seen, heard and felt in this genre-bending thriller from Glass City Films.

Starring Ross Marquand, Sharina Martin, Jeff Garretson, Serena Vesper and Andrew Strenk.

Screenplay by Finley Leighton. Directed by John Klein.

Significant fests: 2011 Park City Film Music Festival (Gold Medal for Excellence in Music), 2011 AOF Intl. Film Festival (Nominee: Best Production Design), 2011 Lake County Film Festival, 2011 Blue Whiskey Indie Film Festival

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