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John Klein

Producer, Founder

After graduating with a BA in Film and Television from the University of Notre Dame, John moved to Chicago to pursue a career as a freelance cinematographer and producer.

As a director of photography, he has traveled around the world and back and has shot dozens of projects, ranging from award-winning short films (Last Seen on Dolores Street, Rendezvous) and feature films (Glass City, LAID, Nightlights) to music videos (Nye's "Surface?, My Beloved Tragedy's "Ohio Sky") and documentaries (the Bangladesh documentary Strong Bodies Fight, the upcoming USA Wrestling documentary Return to Glory). He has tamed film and video alike, shooting on 16mm as well as the RED MX and the newest line of DSLR and large-sensor camcorders.

When not shooting, John serves as producer of Glass City Films, through which he has overseen as producer and lensed the short films Rendezvous, Hangers, The Sleepover, Under the Table, and Honeybees. He has also produced a trio of feature films in Glass City, Happily After (his directorial debut) and Separation Anxiety, in addition to several music videos and side projects.

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Cole Simon

Artistic Director

Cole Simon lives and works in Chicago as an actor, director, and photographer. Aside from theatre, film work, and touring, he also runs his own professional photography company. Cole earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Acting, Directing, and Writing from The Ohio State University. Since graduating in 2007, he has acted, directed, written, and modeled professionally in Chicago and throughout the midwest. As a theatre actor, Cole has worked with various companies including Actor's Theatre, Available Light Theatre, Black Elephant Theatre, Columbus Children's Theatre, Curtain Players, Evolution Theatre, Project 891, Promethean Theatre, Traveling Lantern Theatre, and the Contemporary American Theatre Company.

With Glass City Films, Cole has served as an actor and director, helming the features Glass City and Separation Anxiety, and winning awards for best drama and best director, respectively. He has also served as the writer and director for the sweeping festival winner, Rendezvous and continues to serve as actor and director for projects ranging from narrative features, shorts, and documentaries.

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Kiana Harris

Marketing Director

Kiana currently manages a non-profit organization called The Actors Gymnasium, a premiere circus and performing arts school. As a director, teacher and performer of Theatre, Film and Movement, she has worked for numerous companies and schools in Chicago, Philadelphia and Columbus. She earned her Master of Fine Arts in Acting and Creating New Work from The Ohio State University, and her Bachelor of the Arts in Theatre from Temple University. Since moving to Chicago, she has collaborated with various theatre and film companies/organizations in the windy city.

For Glass City Films, she played leading roles in the feature films Glass City and Separation Anxiety. As the Marketing Director, she organizes, promotes, and manages company business and marketing.

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Mike Molenda

Post-Production Supervisor

Mike graduated with a BA in Film and Television from The University of Notre Dame in 2006. Since December 2006, Mike has lived in Chicago, where he has worked as a freelance gaffer, grip and electrician on over five dozen feature films, shorts, commercials and music videos.

He has also worked as an editor on projects ranging from documentaries (The Road to Fondwa, Strong Bodies Fight, A Sicilian Odyssey) to shorts ("Rendezvous", "The Sleepover", "Under the Table") to music videos ("Ohio Sky", "Standing Barefoot on Marble Floors") and promotional and corporate videos (Better World Books, Stuart Rosenberg Music).

Mike has been involved in post-production for all three of Glass City Films' features, taking the lead as editor of Happily After. As Post-Production Supervisor, Mike oversaw the final cut, color correction and sound and music finishing for both Happily After and Separation Anxiety. Most recently, Mike oversaw the final stages of post-production for the feature film, Nightlights, filmed in Chicago in summer 2011.

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